Tabletop Transitional – Introduction


Any of you familiar with Kylie Sturgess’s excellent blog Podblack Cat would most probably have come across one of her “Little Kitten” posts, lighthearted blogs about anything she comes across that is of interest. The most recent example of this is “Little Kitten – Joss Whedon On Humanism”, if you’re interested in finding out about the concept.

I love the idea, so I’m going to steal it. Sorry, Kylie, but I do it out of love, I promise. So much love. But, hey, I can’t call it “Little Kitten” now, can I? That has nothing to do with my theme of tables, chairs, evolutionary biology or creationism. Hmm… What should I call it?

I’ve got it: Tabletop Transitional. (Don’t question me, I’m a trained professional. I know what I’m doing, just trust me guys, come on.)

And so, I’ll post random stuff pertaining to science, skepticism and religion under the title of “Tabletop Transitional” whenever I find something of merit. Sound good? It sure does to me.

What would make this even better would be a logo or graphic of some kind… *cough*I’mnotaskinganybodytodoanythingohno*cough*

I’ll post the first one soon. Well, if I find some interesting, of course.

UPDATE: I now have a sweet graphic (see above, if you somehow needed a hint), thanks to the wonderful, awesome and brilliant Joel Birch! (He’s on Twitter: follow him!) Thank you Joel, you’re great. I owe you one.

6 thoughts on “Tabletop Transitional – Introduction”

  1. Er, "so much love"? Now I'm going to go to Melbourne and the entire front row of teen girls are going to be GLARING at me bitterly throughout the whole show. I'm going to wear flat-heels so I can run fast…

    1. Your flattery of me is even greater than mine of you… *blush* I don't have groupies, though that *would* be nice… My girlfriend might (read: most definitely would) get pissed off though. Better stick to the platonic Internet admiration then, eh? ;p

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