Final YAS Blog Anthology 2009 selections announced

YAS Blog Anthology Finalist

Last year, the Young Australian Skeptics started to put together an anthology of the best skeptical blog posts of 2009, calling for people to submit entries – either their own or the work of others – that they thought were worthy of consideration. Well, the final selections of the panel of judges has been released, including – somewhat surprisingly – a post by yours truly.

“What is Philosophical Naturalism, and why do I accept it?” was published on Homologous Legs in June of 2009, and is one of the many posts that has been considered to be of a sufficiently high quality to be included in the anthology. To say I’m honoured is an understatement – just look at some of the other bloggers who got their work in the final mix too: Stephen Novella, PZ Myers, Phil Plait, Ben Goldacre, the list goes on! Of course, there are a few lesser well-known skeptical bloggers in there as well (who are also clearly worthy of being included, as they are also great writers and communicators of skeptical and scientific thought), but I still can’t believe I’m going to have my work published along with such great people.

To be entirely clear here, I didn’t submit any of my posts to the anthology myself – someone else did – so this is even more surprising to me. Thank you to whoever it was who did submit my work, I wouldn’t be in this situation otherwise!

When the Young Australian Skeptics Blog Anthology 2009 becomes available to buy (either as a physical book or a PDF), I’ll let you know – judging by the list of posts that are to be included, you’d be crazy not to get it for your bookshelf.

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