Domain evolution – Goodbye,; hello,!

It’s finally happening. I’m parting ways with my oldest, most hard-to-remember-how-to-type pen name, “Naon Tiotami”.

As of about 12 hours ago, this blog’s domain has changed from to Because of mapping and backend wizardry, all old links pointing to the domain will automatically redirect to This even goes for links to specific posts – you’ll be automatically redirected to the same post on the new domain. Seamless! Hooray!

If you read this blog on an RSS feed reader, you probably won’t need to change the RSS feed URL, as that should redirect too, but if you want to play it safe, update it to

So why did I change domains? Well, this post on Uncommon Descent was the last straw. Why would I want a pen name that people can’t remember how to type properly, when I already identify myself by my full name as well? It seemed superfluous, as well as slightly unprofessional. Okay, not unprofessional (such a loaded term), but weird? Something like that. People always asked me what “Naon Tiotami” meant, and to be honest, it doesn’t mean anything special. It’s just the name of a character I made up for a science fiction novel I attempted to write when I was a young teenager. I used it as a handle online because – clearly – it would be unique and nobody would ever want to steal it.

Well, I’ve carved out a little spot in the Internet for myself in this blog, and I’m fairly sure I’m the only young, Australian Jack Scanlan in the skeptical and science communication communities. Out with the old, in with the ever-present.

Goodbye, Naon Tiotami. You’ve served me well. I just don’t need you anymore.

Huge props to my friend Joel Birch, who helped me tremendously with the transition. Without his help, you’d probably be looking at a 500 Internal Server error page right now. Check out his fantastic plugins, Superfish and NoFollowr, the latter of which I use extensively on this blog.

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