Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention…

I graduated a couple of weeks ago! Now the proud owner of a (legitimate) bit of paper that says I have a degree, and the legal right to put “B.Sc.” after my name.

My Dad and I, taking the concept of a "graduation photo" very seriously.
My Dad and I, taking the concept of a “graduation photo” very seriously.

Yep, I’ve got a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Genetics (and also Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, but you’ll never see it on my transcript)! I’m starting a Master of Science (Genetics) at the University of Melbourne and the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute in February! My research project, which I’ll probably be discussing a little bit of detail over on the Young Australian Skeptics blog in the coming months, is all about functionally analysing an unknown gene family in Drosophila melanogaster that may have links to insecticide resistance and metabolic arms-races against bacteria and fungi!

Bring on the proper science!

7 thoughts on “Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention…”

  1. Many, many congratulations! Now that you have a degree, it's about time for you to buckle down and start actually learning something.

  2. Wow. That seems extremely fast. How long did it take you? It usually takes 4 years to get a bachelors here in the States.

    1. It took me 3 years, because I didn't do an Honours year – my University is replacing Honours with Masters, hence the Masters. I actually prefer the Masters system, because it means I get to do more advanced coursework, as well as have more time to complete my research project. I should come out the end far more well-rounded.

  3. Congatulations Jack! Now you make the transition from following recipes to creating them (and taste-testing and rejecting and…).

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