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Thought I might start using this blog again, as a repository for what I’ve been doing: stuff that doesn’t fit on Twitter but is too personal for the YAS. Still way too busy to do any intelligent design writing – and to be honest, I’ve lost a little bit of the passion I once had for that. Since I now effectively am an evolutionary biologist (and geneticist and molecular biologist – my research project is relatively broad), I see that the intelligent design community is extremely non-influential with regards to the general scientific community. I guess I always saw that, but now I know to what extent that is true. Also, I now believe that the best way to combat intelligent design is to: 1. ignore them, and 2. educate the public on evolutionary biology properly. *sigh*


Anyway, I spent this week tweeting from the rotational curation Twitter account @realscientists, which was a lot of fun. I chatted with people about my research, what it means to be a scientist, skepticism, insects, genetics, teaching high school children (which is something I do now, both at the University of Melbourne and at GTAC), bioinformatics, and what cities would be like if humans could fly. Heaps of people interacted with me, and they were all really nice! I definitely recommend trying it out yourself sometime, if you have a Twitter account and do anything vaguely science-y with your time.

The team behind @realscientists wrote a couple of things about my time on the account – an introductory blog post, and a recap blog post. They also Storified my tweets into readable chunks, so check them out if you want to see what I actually said.

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