Sunset Nevers — Praise the Mutilated World (part one)

The band I’m in, Sunset Nevers, has just released the first part of an album we’ve been recording this year, called Praise the Mutilated World. It’s pretty good (but it’s hard to really know when you make the music), so have a listen below. I’m on keys, vocals and trumpet (yeah, I know), and my bandmates Brady and Chad are on synths and e-drums, respectively. We have fun being weird and experimental, and all of our music is improvised. Despite that, we think our stuff is reasonably listenable, which I guess is a good thing.

Because our “process” involves extended improvised recording sessions, the album is going to be composed of multiple, somewhat-unrelated tracks, grouped into three parts based on similarity. Parts two and three will be released in February and March.

You can find the first part of the album on SoundCloud, along with some other music we’ve released previously (that I probably should have mentioned on this blog, hey). You can buy the first part of this album for $2 on Bandcamp if you want to support us. We’re also on Twitter, if you’re into that.

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