Tabletop Transitional – “Ramona” by Beck, from “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

Finishing up both my final TAM 9 post and a new post on misleading molecular biology animations and their impact on the acceptance of intelligent design – also, This Week in Intelligent Design should be back next week after a month-long break. I even started making notes on Intelligent Design Uncensored yesterday, and it turns out that there’s even more inaccuracies (both scientific and philosophical) than I thought at first glance. My particular favourite so far is a claim that human and guinea pig Vitamin C pseudogenes are more similar to each other than common ancestry predicts: the truth is, of course, that they’re not, and Dembski and Witt have blindly accepted the claim of a methodologically flawed paper from 2003, like so many creationists before them.

But more on that when it’s all ready to be published. Time for some awesome music.

I love Beck: you might know this. And some of the best parts of 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs the World are the songs that Beck wrote for both the movie’s fictional band, Sex Bom-omb, as well as Michael Cera’s character, Scott Pilgrim. The following is a song written for the latter, but performed as a full arrangement by Beck (on vocals – and guitar, presumably) and other musicians for the soundtrack. In my opinion, it’s one of his best songs and easily the best song on the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (which is excellent in its totality, by the way, I suggest you purchase it).


The best of Dead Melodies so far

It seems like multiple blog posts are all below the surface but none are ready to emerge yet, including a 2010 ID review post, a sci-ID post, a chemistry post, an extremophile post… so you’re getting this quick one instead, just to make sure you know I’m not dead.

Also, sorry about the lack of TWiID on Tuesday, I was unable to blog then (or yesterday as it happens). Don’t worry, you can take it from me that you didn’t miss much in the intelligent design world. Is it just me, or is their posting rate slowing down again? One can only hope.

Anyway, onto what I wanted to use this post for. As some of you might know, I started a music blog called Dead Melodies at the end of last year, where I now share my favourite songs and music videos as well as random musical thoughts. It’s hosted on Tumblr, however, which is overrun by people who aren’t likely to read this blog – so I assume that the people who read this blog aren’t the kind who frequent Tumblr. But I need to share my love of music with you all somehow, and nothing is more appropriate than a short, sharp burst, methinks.

Make sure you check some of them out – music is one of my passions, my passions I say!

Dead Melodies, my new music blog

Yes, I’m a bit of a hipster, unfortunately, and I couldn’t maintain a state of not writing about music for much longer than I did. Hence my new side-blog, Dead Melodies, where I’ll be sharing links to and videos of music-related things. It’s a chance to get inside the right hemisphere of my brain for once, really.

The title refers to a Beck song I’m particularly fond of…

Surfacing, like some sort of blogging whale

I’m back! Two exams down (my Chemistry exam finished this morning, and my Biology exam was yesterday) and two more to go. The next one, Australian Flora and Fauna, is in a week, so I have a good enough excuse to get back online.

TAM Australia only a little over two weeks away and, as I’ve previously mentioned, George Hrab is playing a show in Melbourne afterwards. My good friend Catherine whipped up some “I <3 HRAB” badges just for the occasion and mine arrived in the mail today:

I did want mine to say “Hrabalicious”, “Hrabtastic”, “Hrabgasmic” or some combination of the sort, but she wouldn’t listen. I guess I’ll just have to settle for what I got.

In other news, Jason, Elliot (from the Young Australian Skeptics) and myself featured in a special episode of the Skeptically Speaking podcast, a retrospective look-back on past episodes (with commentary). If you recently listened to the episode we were in you won’t get much out of what we say, but this new episode is great, so you should listen anyway.

And to finish off this rag-tag post, this was my favourite sign from the recent Rally for Sanity:

Beck has bipartisan support in Congress.