Carnival of Evolution No. 43 out now at The EEB & Flow!

The Carnival of Evolution for January is up at The EEB & Flow, a group blog about ecology and evolutionary biology. Some of the topics covered in this month’s posts are:

  • The Cambrian “explosion”! Was it as rapid as is claimed by some?
  • Dinosaurs!
  • Human evolution!
  • Bat echolocation divergence!
  • A potential new history of HIV’s relationship with human populations!
  • And, of course, much, much more!

The next CoE, for February, will be hosted by… someone, I’m sure. Make sure you submit your evolution-themed blog posts here anyway, if you are wont to write them.

Carnival of Evolution No. 42 out now at The Ocelloid!

The Carnival of Evolution for December is up at my good friend Psi’s blog The Ocelloid on the Scientific American blog network! As usual, it’s composed of a wondrous slew of posts on evolutionary biology and its many facets (including a post by yours truly). Some of the topics covered are:

  • The difference between population size and effective population size
  • Gut microbiota influencing mating behaviour in flies
  • Neutral networks
  • Biological and ecological species concepts
  • Symbiogenesis and the legacy of Lynn Margulis
  • Quote-mining Charles Darwin
  • Human evolution
  • And, of course, much, much more!

The next CoE, for January, will be hosted by The EEB and Flow – submit your evolution-themed blog posts here.

Carnival of Evolution No. 40 out now at EvoEcoLab!

The Carnival of Evolution for October is up at EvoEcoLab on the Scientific American blog network! There’s heaps of great stuff over there this month, including book reviews, limb evolution, jawless fish, creationism, hitchhiking genes, crocodile fossils, and co-evolution. You know you love it – go check it out.

The next CoE, for November, will be hosted by The Mermaid’s Tale – submit your evolution-themed blog posts here.


Carnival of Evolution No. 37 out now at The Lessons of Evolution!

The Carnival of Evolution for July is up at The Lessons of Evolution! The author, Will, is a 13 year-old budding evolutionary biologist: just what I like to see! So, make sure you head over and check out the great selection of blog posts he’s got over there, including posts on fly ejaculate, deadly E. coli, evolutionary trees, digital organisms and more!

The next CoE, for August, will be hosted by Larry Moran over at Sandwalk – submit your evolution-themed blog posts to l(dot)moran(at)utoronto(dot)ca.


Carnival of Evolution No. 34 out now at Quintessence of Dust

The Carnival of Evolution for April is up at Quintessence of Dust! Head on over there for junk DNA, kin selection, brains, penises and archaea.

The next Carnival of Evolution (for May) will be at Lab Rat. There isn’t a host announced yet for June though, so put your name down if you’d like to host, and submit your evolution-themed posts as soon as humanly (and humanely) possible.

Carnival of Evolution No. 31 out now at The Dispersal of Darwin

The Carnival of Evolution for January is up at The Dispersal of Darwin! I’ve got two posts in there this month, but you’ve probably read those already – check out some brilliant pieces on the Denisovan genome, the motivation of Charles Darwin, a critical review of Benjamin Wiker’s anti-Darwin book “The Darwin Myth” and a 5 year-old understanding evolution instead. Then again, just check them all out!

The next Carnival of Evolution will be at Denim and Tweed on the 1st of February, and make sure to submit your own evolution-themed blog posts.

Carnival of Evolution No. 30 out at This Scientific Life

Another Carnival of Evolution is out, this time at This Scientific Life, one of the blogs of Bob O’Hara (the CoE author) and Grrlscientist (not the CoE author). I actually got a post into this edition, having remembered to send one as soon as the last one was posted – but don’t worry about my submission, go read the submissions of others, that’s what’s important!

The next CoE is at The Dispersal of Darwin, on the 1st of January. You can submit posts here.

The Carnivals of Evolution and MolBio, and a blogging semi-hiatus

First things first – as I mentioned in the last TWiID, my university exams are fast approaching, so this blog will be put on the backburner for at least a week and I won’t be able to post anything substantial. Will Casey Luskin get lonely?

Unfortunately this semi-hiatus may continue until early December, due to TAM Australia less than a week after my last exam. I will be taking my laptop with me to Sydney though, so you might get some visual updates on the skeptical fun and frivolity if all goes well.

In other news, two excellent blog carnivals have come out in recent days, the Carnival of Evolution over at Byte Size Biology, and the MolBio Carnival on Skeptic Wonder. There are enough posts in those two to distract you from my absence for a while, and I’m not being cute – there are dozens and dozens of posts to read, all of them absolutely fascinating. I would have submitted something but my terrible memory decided to kick in and I forgot about both of them spectacularly until it was far too late to submit anything.

See you all soon, and happy reading!

Carnival of Evolution No. 28 is out – Genomic viruses to eusociality

The Carnival of Evolution is a monthly blog carnival about, well, evolutionary biology, and its 28th incarnation is out at the Carnival of Evolution blog (blog carnivals are usually hosted on a different blog every week, but for some reason the CoE’s home blog was chosen this time around – not that it really matters anyway, it’s all about the content).

It has a feature on Sandwalk, which you should probably follow if you like blogs about evolution and religion written by biochemistry professors, but the real meat of the post is, of course, from the 19 blogs that contributed content. Topics discussed range from fossil viruses in songbird genomes to the evolution of eusociality, so make sure you check out all of them. It’s evolution overload! But that’s never a bad thing!