Carnival of the Godless, No. 135 – Darwintine’s Day Edition

Welcome to the 135th edition of the Carnival of the Godless blog carnival. Is that love in the air… or just beetle pheromones? Are you attracted to your partner’s gifts of chocolate, giant teddy bears and roses… or their sensuously-evolved secondary sexual characteristics? Ooh yeah baby, that’s right, it’s time for some lovin’ – Darwin style.

Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February has become boring. And while this edition of the blog carnival comes out a day too late, I hearby declare that the 13th of February shall be known as Darwintine’s Day, where science lovers (in more ways than one) celebrate their love for Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection – and each other. Who needs a deity for love when you’ve got the whole Tree of Life?

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Last chance to get your posts in for the Carnival of the Godless

Note: Submissions are now closed.

Homologous Legs is hosting the 135th edition of the Carnival of the Godless on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day), so the next 24 hour period is really your last chance to submit your godless posts for entry into the carnival – I’ll be starting to write it and put it all together late tomorrow night, so I can auto-post it on the 14th while I have more… romantic things to do.

Once again, submissions go here. And it’s never too late to spread the word on Twitter or your own blogs!

Homologous Legs is hosting the 130th edition of the Carnival of the Godless!

Yes, I mentioned it in an earlier post, but now I’m making it absolutely clear – on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day, eh?) Homologous Legs will be hosting the Carnival of the Godless blog carnival!

If you want submission guidelines, here’s the place to go, but really, anything pertaining to or about religion from a godless perspective is fine (which is what the guidelines say, but… some people never click links).

You go here to submit blog posts – none of that “emailing” that we’ve all grown so used to with other carnivals.

Spread the word – via email, Twitter, your own blogs, etc.! I’d like a huge number of posts for this edition, which may have something to do with the theme that I’m planning…

134th edition of the Carnival of the Godless up at Right To Think

Is it Carnival of the Godless time again? Why yes, it is! And over at Right To Think, no less! Head on over there and check it out.

A favourite post of mine from this edition was from Bay of Fundie, analysing a talk given by young-earth creationist Marcus Ross at the Darwin Was Wrong conference put on by Logos Research Associates. Good stuff. Good, crazy stuff.

And what do you know? The next edition of the Carnival of the Godless will be hosted right here at Homologous Legs! You can start submitting posts if you’d like, but feel free to wait for a few more days until I put up a more… “noticeable” blog post.

The 133rd edition of the Carnival of the Godless up at Null Session

I’m on holiday, but it doesn’t mean I can’t link to an awesome blog carnival when I just happen to chance upon an unsecured WiFi network somewhere, does it?

Edition No. 133 of the much-adored Carnival of the Godless, featuring a delicious selection of posts about matters relating to atheism and religion, is up at Null Session – where I was unfairly promoted too much.

And because Null Session linked to my Twitter account, I’m going to link to his – follow him right now!

Null Session’s CotG, and a little SGU petition

The 133rd instalment of the Carnival of the Godless will be hosted by Null Session on the 17th of January – this means you only have a few days to submit godless posts pertaining to atheism, religion, philosophy and creationism/intelligent design to get them included! Make sure you do so right now!

And, er, Bastard Sheep on Twitter created a petition to try and get me interviewed on the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast… You can sign it if you want, but… I’m not endorsing it in any way. It’s just too embarrassing… *hides*

Carnival of the Godless #132 up at yes, i am

The 132nd edition of the Carnival of the Godless has been posted at yes, i am, featuring fourteen great godless posts from around the blogosphere. Do check it out, it’s a good one.

On the 17th of January, my good friend Null Session will be hosting the next edition of the Carnival, so make sure to send in your own posts about atheism, religion, church/state separation etc.

By the way, the Carnival of the Godless is now run by Reed Braden from the Gaytheists and he’s currently looking for future hosts – so if you think you’d be interested, send an email his way.