Monday Science Link – Biological extreme advertising (NSFW)

Okay, I don’t really have a Monday Science Link for you this week, unfortunately – I’ve been a bit busy with personal and work-related things. The latest Carnival of Evolution should keep you occupied though in the substantial, non-comedic science stakes.

However, I would like to share these excellent images my friend Dave (@NomDuJour on Twitter) recently created. Are you all familiar with the extreme advertising meme? Well, you’re about to be, so hold onto your telomeres.

[Images below the fold, as they contain gratuitous swearing.]

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This Week in Intelligent Design – 21/12/10 (5th anniversary of Kitzmiller vs. Dover edition)

Intelligent design news from the 15th of December to the 21st of December, 2010.

It’s the 5th anniversary of the Kitzmiller vs. Dover decision this week, a seminal court case that provided legal precedent to rule the teaching of intelligent design unconstitutional in the United States. The York Dispatch has written a retrospective piece, including interviews with some of the key voices in the trial – I recommend you check it out.

But what about the ID proponents? Surely they’re feeling bitter, reminiscing over their defeat with a mixture of anger and… anger? Or what about…

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