Interviewed on the Skeptic Zone podcast? I do believe I was!

Yep, I mentioned it a while ago, but it’s finally up. Jason, Elliot and I (of the Young Australian Skeptics) were interviewed by Kylie Sturgess for the Skeptic Zone podcast about being young in the skeptical movement, blogging as a communicative medium and our own experiences in the wild world of podcasting. It was a fun interview to do, as we all know Kylie, so we had a few laughs. Skepticism can do with a bit of youthful humour sometimes, can’t it?

If you’re an impatient person, here’s the direct link to the episode, but you can also subscribe to their podcast through iTunes and download it that way. Don’t forget to check out their website as well – perhaps consider donating to either the podcast and/or the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe fund to help pay for their trip for TAM Australia in November. Both are good causes.

After you’ve had a listen, tell me what you thought of it. I don’t do many interviews (if I did, I’d certainly tell you about them), so I’m always conscious about how I sound.

Gonna get my Skype on, ya’ll

Why? Because tonight, along with Elliot and Jason from the Young Australian Skeptics, I’m going to be interviewed by Kylie Sturgess for the Skeptic Zone podcast, about various topics relating to podcasting, young skepticism and general youth-ness. Should be a wonderful experience, most likely!

I’ll let you all know when the interview is released, if, for some strange reason, you want to hear the sound of my voice babbling slightly coherently about things.

Oh yes, I know how to sell myself.

Skeptic Zone/Young Australian Skeptics talks a smashing success

The audience!

Over one hundred people turned up! Pretty good for a six-month old podcast.

Last night, the Young Australian Skeptics were lucky enough to host a night of talks and musical comedy by Richard Saunders, Dr. Rachael Dunlop and Dave the Happy Singer, at the Elizabeth Murdoch lecture theater at Melbourne University. Here’s just some of the photos taken of the event.

(More photos and info after the jump!)

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When two worlds collide, the YAS and Skeptic Zone together at last?

Reposted from the Sceptics’ Book of Pooh-Pooh

What will happen when the YAS and the Skeptic Zone finally meet?

Will they all spontaneously combust?

Will their creative energies combine to create a super massive black hole?

Will it come to pass that the age-old Melbourne/Sydney rivalry can never be resolved?

Or will the Sydney team finally discover that Jack Scanlan is in fact a retired professor of archeaology moonlighting as a 17 year old genius in a TIKTAALIK hoodie?

Find out soon, as some representatives from the Skeptic Zone plan to make the trek to Melbourne in May.

This includes Richard Saunders and myself, but also Kylie Sturgess all the way from Perth, plus our very good friend and regular special guest, Dave the Happy Singer.

We are planning to mosey down for some interviews, a talk or two, and a few beers with our very good friends, the YAS. Not forgetting of course, Joel Birch, Catherine Donaldson, and Matt from ilikeportello blogspot, plus whoever else we have met along the way!

We need some help however. Richard and I would like to give a double-header talk, but we need advice on a venue. Can you help? Leave a comment if you can.

Richard does a talk entitled “Scepticism 101” and mine is “Dr Rachie Reports; adventures of a scientist in an alternative medicine world“. (We anticipate we will probably be in town for a weekend in May).

Oh, and if you have a few extra dollars floating around just aching for a good cause, we would sincerely appreciate help with raising funds for our plane tickets. Even if you can chuck 20 bucks our way, it all helps a group of dedicated volunteers, doing our best to spread the word of science and reason. (There’s a paypal button on our website).

So hold on to your hats, tell your friends, and watch out Melbourne!

Psst! I can’t wait to meet @jacksmother

So, members of the Skeptic Zone podcast, are going to come down to the lovely city of Melbourne in May and give some talks and catch up with us all! I can barely contain my excitement! So, as the post says, chuck a few dollars their way to help cover travelling costs, if you feel so inclined.

And, yes, I do own a TIKTAALIK hoodie: my Year 12 leavers attire. It’s rather nice, don’t you think?


As for being a retired archaeology professor… I’ll leave that for you to find out when you come along to the meetup in May…