Things I’ve Done

Interviewed for Inspire Me Youth, September 2015

Speaker at The Laborastory,  July 2015

Appeared on The YoungCast podcast, December 2014

Speaker at the Australian Fly Meeting, September 2014

Interviewed on the Urban Legendary podcast, June 2014

Appeared on the Splendid Chaps “Doctor Who and Science” live show and podcast, August 2013

Curated the @RealScientists Twitter account, July 2013

Speaker at The Laborastory, June 2013

Appeared on The Book Was Better podcast, June 2013

Panel speaker at the Australian Skeptics National Convention, November/December 2012

Interviewed for Antiview, August 2012

Wrote “The elaborate evolutionary history of sex” for COSMOS Online, July 2012

Panel speaker at Young Minds 2012, June 2012

Profiled on Scientific American’s Incubator blog, April 2012

Panel speaker at the Reason for Faith Festival, April 2012

Interviewed by the Michigan Skeptics Association, October 2010

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